Szybka dostawa za darmo od 99zł Szybka dostawa za darmo od 99zł
Oficjalny dystrybutor VANS w Polsce Oficjalny dystrybutor VANS w Polsce

Terms and Conditions



The owner of the online store and of the brand is ELWIX. e-store is engaged in retail sales via the Internet. Orders are accepted via the on-line store functionality at or by phone by a shop employee.

All products offered at are factory new, free of any physical or legal defects, and have been lawfully placed on the Polish market.



All prices quoted at pages are gross prices (VAT included). The price that is binding upon the parties to the transaction is the price attached to the product at the time of the Customer's order.

We issue a check for every piece of goods sold, or a VAT invoice on demand.



You can shop at without registration.

However, a buyer can register an account storing basic information, such as his first name, last name, shipping address, telephone numbers to facilitate delivery of ordered goods, optionally invoice data. With the account registration, your future shopping will be easier, as you will not have to re-enter your data. Registered users will receive additional options:

parcel tracking options,

overview of order history of recent months

attractive discounts and gifts

participation in promotional events and schemes

To create a customer account, fill in the registration form. After successful registration, the user will receive a message with a link to verify correctness of his data to the e-mail address he specified in the form. Only if you confirm your registration will you be able to log in again in the future. A registered user may modify his data or delete such data permanently at any time.

A VAT invoice can be sent both to registered customers or one-time buyers. In both cases, check the "VAT invoice requested" option and provide full data of the company to which the invoice is to be issued. A proof of purchase (check/VAT invoice) will be enclosed to your shipment.



Every order placed with our store must be confirmed by electronic means. Such a confirmation is sent to the specified e-mail address of the buyer immediately after the purchase. The message contains order summary and a link to order acceptance and confirmation of data accuracy.

Orders which are not confirmed in three days after the date of placement will not be completed.

Goods ordered from our store will be shipped within 7 calendar days, but typically they will be sent in 24-48 hours. We can do this because we operate our proprietary warehouse to serve our orders. Order performance times do not include the delivery times of the Polish Postal Service or courier operator.


Forms of payment


Payment upon receipt - You will pay the whole price (for your order and delivery) cash at the time of receipt from the courier.


Payment by wireless transfer - goods will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment (for the goods and delivery) in our bank account. If your account is with the same bank, we will receive your payment immediately. If your account is with a different bank, remember that your transfer will typically arrive on the next day, and interbank transfers are not executed at all on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.


"Credit card and e-transfer transactions are settled via the Dotpay Clearing Center"


NOTE! Avoid paying at a post office - your money may arrive after a few days, even more than ten days.


Identification data for bank transfers:


Address data


"ELWIX" Sp. z o.o.

 ul. Konrada Bielskiego 5/9

 20-153 Lublin

VAT ID 712-016-00-98

Statistical number REGON 430323747



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